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A man holding a smart phone in his hands.
A man holding a cell phone in his hand.
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Experience the power of seamless, borderless money transfer across 170+ countries with Botim!

A man with glasses talking on a cell phone.
A man with glasses talking on a cell phone.
Say goodbye to long lines and endless paperwork - with Botim's International and Local Money Transfer feature, now you can send money quickly and easily, on your phone, from your phone from & within UAE
Download Botim Now
Download Botim Now

International Money Transfer

Make fast, safe & easy international money transfers from UAE to 170+ countries with just a few taps.

Local Money Transfer (UAE)

Send money to your loved ones in the UAE with just a few taps on your phone, stress free, secure, with no hidden fees.

Apple Pay.

Your iPhone is now your wallet.

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