Pay your
employees the
easy way.

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a convenient solution to
payroll management.

Zero registration fees.
Easy onboarding.

Minimize workload.
Prioritize security and speed.
Maximize efficiency.

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IBAN with Operational funds balance and Payroll funds balance card
Same day payroll cardDedicated support card
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IBAN cards
Same day payroll card
Dedicated Support card
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No bank accounts, no paperwork.

Your employees get their salaries instantly and can use their cards in-stores and online.

Simplify payroll processing with Botim.

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Simplified payroll

Set up Salary Cards for your employees within minutes! Get access to Botim Payroll to process salaries with or without WPS.

Simplified payroll card

Zero registration fees

Say goodbye to upfront costs. Say hello to seamless payroll management.

Monthly payroll card

Business wallet

Get a dedicated business wallet with an IBAN to manage & separate payroll funds from other operational finances.

business wallet card

Express delivery

Salary Cards will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

Express Delivery card

Access to financial services

Easily opt-in for POS terminals, business financing, and more.

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Employee wallet

We provide digital wallets with a dedicated IBAN. Employees can use their card at an ATM, online, or in stores - anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Employee wallet card

For everyone

No minimum salary, no minimum balance. We are committed to financial inclusivity and an accessible experience for everyone.

for everyone card

Seamless experience

Every card has a personalized QR code. A simple way to onboard, transact, and explore all financial services.

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Convenience and security

Receive your salary securely on Botim. Same-day processing.

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Financial services

Send money back home, pay bills, recharge your phone, and many more!

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